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Mike Palmer Ministries is planning a Mission Trip to Craiova Romania in April of 2021. We anticipate having an effective vaccine for covid 19 by that time.

The trip will consist of doing a daily basketball teaching ministry in schools. That will be coupled with the distribution of Gospel materials and engaging students and teachers with a view to help the local church have follow up. We will also invest in the church (Alpha and Omega Baptist Church where Costel Burlacu is the pastor). We have one lady going with us to invest in the young women and girls there. Another lady to go with us would be an asset. There are four guys (including myself, Mike) going on the team.

We also plan to do the Saturday outreach with the church to the village named Salcuta. The church has an effective outreach there to many children and adults. During the week there is a possibility we (Mike Palmer Ministries) will rent a small movie theater near the church building and show a movie that has the gospel in it etc. We hope to gather the Ciuculescu band back together for a concert as well on a Saturday night.

It is possible that the team can be divided up into two parts. The reason we are going early is because we want to go early and visit the schools and make sure of our ministry schedule for the main week. If you know anything about cultures around the world, things are often planned at the last minute! And we have found that going the week BEFORE our scheduled ministry helps us have a more effective week of gospel work.

If you would like to help us network with students and teachers for the gospel, and invest in a solid local church in Craiova, Romania, please contact me at or just call or text me at 540-798-9824. The cost of the trip is about $2,500. I will need your Christian Testimony and the recommendation from the pastor of the local church you currently attend. I look forward to hearing from you about this great opportunity. In case you were wondering about the need; the five county area to which we go is called Oltenia. It has about two million people. And only about 2,000 are in a gospel preaching church on any given Sunday. That is one tenth of one percent! We have plenty to do.

Preaching in the Alpha and Omega Church; Pastor Costel translating

Ministry to town of Salcuta. Children and adults.

Aaron Jones helping with the children's "club team."

View of Soccer Stadium from top of Mercur Center.

A great pastor, Constantine "Costel" Burlacu.


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