Church Health and Revitalization

The health of our local church is a gauge to the integrity and strength of our local mission. Find resources below on how to improve your church health or how Mike Palmer Ministries has been involved in local church health initiatives.

Mike Palmer Ministries is Official!

Here it is! The first grand blog to showcase some things we have done so far. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on what we are doing. Mike Palmer Ministries gets its start We want to thank you for your initial support and helping MPM get started. There have been several good things happen in the first two months of our ministry. First, EVERY pastor we have contacted has been very appreciative and supportive of the efforts to network with them and be a source of ENCOURAGEMENT to them. And then there are the churches we have been able to help through direct contact. It seems that everywhere we go we are finding pastors in some need of practical help and churches that are declining. They

The First 11 Minutes at Your Church

If you ever check out multiple churches in a short period of time, you will likely be surprised by the differences in hospitality expressed to first-time guests. In some churches a guest knows exactly where to park, is graciously welcomed, escorted to the children’s area to drop off kids, and introduced to several helpful people. In other churches, a guest has no idea where to go and is not welcomed by anyone. While some churches have become so guest-driven that they lose focus on Christ in a hyper-attractional attempt to draw a crowd, others almost ignore guests as a badge of their spirituality or a sign of their apathy. Both miss the mark, as hospitality is deeply biblical. For example, ho

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