Church Health and Revitalization

The health of our local church is a gauge to the integrity and strength of our local mission. Find resources below on how to improve your church health or how Mike Palmer Ministries has been involved in local church health initiatives.

April 2019 Newsletter

OPEN DOORS CONTINUE IN ROMANIA I am amazed at the doors continuing to open for us in Romania. Some doors are closing as well. The old “control party of former communists” is still resisting the gospel in many ways. But the open doors for the gospel are cause for continued ministry there. Alpha and Omega Baptist Church, our partner in ministry there, is doing an effective job on all fronts with respect to the Gospel. We are making inroads in the city and in some small towns outside the city. I will be traveling to Craiova in late July - early August this summer. I already have appointments with several people that need Christ. I am going to be able to do more personal gospel work. And I will

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