Church Health and Revitalization

The health of our local church is a gauge to the integrity and strength of our local mission. Find resources below on how to improve your church health or how Mike Palmer Ministries has been involved in local church health initiatives.


6 WAYS TO SING BETTER IN WORSHIP THIS WEEKEND I’m not a musician, and I sing publicly only when a bunch of other people are singing with me – but I love to worship God through song. I grieve when those who gather for worship seem not to enjoy that time. From a non-singer who just enjoys worship, here are some ways to sing better this weekend: 1. Pray as you enter the worship center. My guess is that most people who gather for worship pray only when prayer is scheduled in the order of worship. It would do us well to pray prayers of praise, confession, and thanksgiving before the corporate worship begins. Get your heart ready for singing. 2. Sing because God commands us to sing. It’s hard to r

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