Church Health and Revitalization

The health of our local church is a gauge to the integrity and strength of our local mission. Find resources below on how to improve your church health or how Mike Palmer Ministries has been involved in local church health initiatives.

The Most Frequent Burdens Pastors Face

In my years of church consulting, I have spent hours talking to local church pastors. Much of the conversation revolves around church structure, vision, etc., but seldom does the conversation stay at that level. Pastors, it seems, long for someone to listen to them. They want someone to share their burdens, even if only for a few minutes. Listen to the topics of pain I often hear, and take a minute to pray for your church leaders. Declining church growth – No pastor I know wants his congregation to be plateaued or in decline; however, the majority of churches in North America are in that state. A pastor may put a hopeful veneer on that truth publicly, but I’ve wept with pastors who grieve pr

Sermon: Nehemiah 4

GET REAL, GO TO WORK, JESUS WILL STAND WITH YOU IF YOU STAND FOR HIM Chapter 3 was not covered in this brief series. It is about the repair of the gates. Each one has some typological significance, and perhaps we will take a look at them on a Wednesday night in the future. Today I have titled the beginning of construction phase as “GET REAL.” Let me explain why. I. WE MUST GET REAL WITH JESUS, WHICH MEANS EASY BELIEVISM AND CHURCH MEMBERSHIP THAT LOOKS LIKE THE WORLD MUST GO! The building of the wall meant several things: Religious commitment in Jerusalem was going to move back towards God’s standards. Those who enjoyed playing both sides of the fence (Sanballat, Tobiah, Geshem) were going

6 Ways to Keep Leaders From Leaving Your Team

The following is an excerpt from Fairness is Overrated, chapter twenty-nine. It is called the loose/tight principle. That is, you have to decide as a leader what you are going to hold on to loosely and what you are going to hold on to tightly. For example, you likely want to hold on to your mission tightly. For most organizations, it’s not up for debate. When you define your mission and communicate it over and over in many ways, it gives clarity to your direction. You likely have some major values and beliefs that are also tightly held. On the other hand, there are a lot of things in the loose category. I love to bring great leaders on a team and then free them up to lead. They can make deci

Sermon on Nehemiah 2

GOD’S MAN, GOD’S PLAN, GOD’S HAND: GOD’S PEOPLE MOTIVATED TO WORK In chapter 2 of Nehemiah we have the transition from a burden God has given one man to a well-planned vision of the work to be done. The key to remember is that Nehemiah’s motive was to make God’s name great. If our motive is to lift up Jesus, make His name great . . . Almighty God will work! If God is going to work in our midst: I. OUR MOTIVE MUST BE TO GO WORK, BUILD, REPAIR—NOT JUST STAND BACK AND CRITICIZE! Nehemiah’s spirit was that of a builder. Don’t lament the current condition; do something about it. In order to do that, we must be in touch with the true “Builder.” Remember what Jesus said to Peter: “upon this con

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