September 2018 Newsletter

This newsletter focuses on the upcoming 2018 Romania mission trip, church health in the area and news on the Baby Boomer Sunday School class. These are the current main areas of focus and need your attention and prayer as you partner with Mike Palmer Ministries.

Preparations for Romania Mission Trip

We have eight people headed to Romania in October. Coaches Leon Caldwell and Aaron Jones will be going with me on October 3rd. And the rest of the team led by Jason Huffman will be leaving on October 11th. We will ALL come back on Wednesday October 24th. I want to list a few actions we have already taken in preparations for this strategic trip.

  • We have secured a man to help us do digital and old-fashioned print media/marketing for our trip. He will be sharing some posts that I/we create to get the attention and share the gospel with young adults and high school students in Craiova, Romania.

  • We have rented a movie theatre right in the center of the city and we will show the movie: THE CASE FOR CHRIST on Friday evening October 19th. We already know that most of the young Christians in the city will attend; they will be strengthened in their witness by this movie. But it is our hope that a hundred or more unsaved young adults and high school students will attend. They will be challenged by the factuality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And Lee Strobel’s journey will be enlightening to them. They have NEVER seen anything like this.

  • We have purchased 350 gospel-centered sports DVD’s (the same ones used by CRU-Campus Crusade for Christ over there).

  • We have purchased 500 gospel tracts like the Four Spiritual Laws in the Romanian language.

  • We were able to find 312 of those “Sports New Testaments” to use this year. I bought ALL that were left. We are going to have to find another resource for our next trip. This has been an excellent resource. They actually read this one!