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Mike Palmer Ministries is Official!

Here it is! The first grand blog to showcase some things we have done so far. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on what we are doing.

Mike Palmer Ministries gets its start

We want to thank you for your initial support and helping MPM get started. There have been several good things happen in the first two months of our ministry. First, EVERY pastor we have contacted has been very appreciative and supportive of the efforts to network with them and be a source of ENCOURAGEMENT to them. And then there are the churches we have been able to help through direct contact. It seems that everywhere we go we are finding pastors in some need of practical help and churches that are declining. They need some specific steps of action that they can take to advance the Gospel. But many of them do not know where to start. And that is where MPM can help. We can give specific practical and spiritual help right where it is needed (if those pastors and staff or laypeople will let us). MPM is also planning an international mission trip in June of 2015 (more on that in this newsletter). Our 501c3 status is on file with the IRS and all donations will be grandfathered into the tax exempt status (there should be no problem with that; it is just that gov’t processes are not the quickest). Thanks for your faithful support. Thanks, Mike and Hazel Palmer

Pastors Appreciate Help and Concern

I have had the privilege of touching the life and ministry of four pastors and six churches during the past two months. I could tell with one pastor that there was sincere gratitude just to have someone to talk to about his situation. This is going to be an important part of the ministry. Friends, some of these churches are going to lose their pastors unless someone reaches out to them in the name of the Lord. I was also privileged to speak at the Denver Baptist Church Missions conference (this is a very healthy ch. in NC); Chris Griggs is doing a great job there. We had a wonderful day in the Lord together. Thanks for helping touch the lives of pastors and churches in our region.

Where we will be

An open door to further ministry in Romania is coming again in June of 2015. The Mission Team we are developing will have ten or more people going (one area basketball coach is going and another may join with us!). We are doing a Coaches Clinic (teaching how to teach the game) and we are doing a Basketball “Camp” for the area students! We will be able to share the gospel with ALL of them! Then while that is going on, we will also be helping reach and teach people related to Costel Burlacu’s church (Alpha and Omega Bapt. Ch.). There is an AWANA banquet scheduled in which there will be many parents present. The cost of this trip is $2,700 per person. There are also TWO other international mission trips on the horizon. One is to be with the IMB Two Plus Two Missionaries who were recently commissioned and are finishing their MDiv degrees overseas (that trip is January 2016; Joseph and Lilly Veres will be there). The second is a possible trip to Ireland (Seth and Jessica Lewis) in the Spring of 2016. I praise the Lord for being able to invest the Gospel in these places.


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