June 2015 Newsletter

God has been doing a great work in us and through this ministry. There are exciting new changes, upcoming events and prayer needs. Riverdale Baptist Church has been touched by God's direction, upcoming mission plans to new and familiar places, and continued personal notes from us as we move forward in faith.

Missions in the Next Years

An open door to further ministry in Romania is coming again in October of 2015. The Mission Team we are developing will have nearly ten people going with us. We are doing a Coaches Clinic (teaching how to teach the game) and we are doing a Basketball “Camp” for the area students! We will be able to share the gospel with ALL of them! Then while that is going on, we will also be helping reach and teach people related to Costel Burlacu’s church (Alpha and Omega Bapt. Ch.). There is an AWANA banquet scheduled in which there will be many parents present. His Church is beginning to gain traction and make genuine gospel difference; in late May they baptized six people! The cost of this trip is $2,700 per person. There are also TWO other international mission trips on the horizon. One is to be with the IMB Two Plus Two Missionaries who were recently commissioned and are finishing their master’s degrees overseas (that trip is January 2016; Joseph and Lily Veres will be there). The second is a possible trip to Ireland (Seth and Jessica Lewis) in the Spring of 2016. Thank God for the privilege of investing in these wonderful gospel centered people and assist them in their faithful labor.

Revitalization at Riverdale

I have been called to the REVITALIZATION effort as the TRANSITIONAL PASTOR of Riverdale Baptist Church. That is right in the center of what Mike Palmer Ministries is about. The amount of work associated with that effort is monumental. But all the principles learned through the years can be applied to help Riverdale transition to become a more healthy church, ready to call its next pastor. That may take as long as three years given the situation at Riverdale. The good news is that after four months, there is already some progress! I have preached through the book of Nehemiah. The biblical truth in that book has been “spot on” for that church family at this time. And we have also been going through the biblical mission of the church and the six tasks of the church on Sunday nights. This church will be a good test for the overall work of REVITALIZATION. It will be good to have experienced being a TRANSITIONAL PASTOR firsthand. I will be even better equipped to help others facing the same challenges...and there are SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGES! MIKE PALMER MINISTRIES has helped provide some church health resources for Riverdale. We are still involved with International Missions and Pastor Networking, although the time required in being the Transitional Pastor has taken some time away from the networking and equipping of others. I hope to do some work in this area beginning in the late summer and fall. I need your prayers and support in this effort. The